Tuesday, February 19, 2013


If a student is incapable of understanding simple, written, "Do this, then this, and this" instructions on an informal assignment, they should:

A) Take classes in a traditional classroom where they'll face minimal written instructions, and all backed up by spoken instructions.

B) Whine at the instructor that they don't understaaaaannndddd!!!  Not any of it!  Do it for me!

C) DTFO, as they're obviously unsuitable for anything other than mopping floors with no human interaction.


  1. I'm twitching, given the number of students I've had over the years who would answer "B"

    I'd also add:

    D. Go out into the work force, work for a couple of years, gain some maturity, get the ability to follow directions beat into your head, then try college again.

    1. Problem is, they're not fit for the work force, either--not outside of janitorial jobs.

  2. Ricki,

    I was one of those who was supposed to put such vermin to work. You keep them, they are utterly useless to those of us who DO work. Then again, when I was in grad school I met many well into their 50's who had never done anything but go to school.

    I say let them go hungry for a while. Maybe they'll finally get the message. Why am I smiling at the thought????


    1. I think you're right, Winston. I went hungry pretty often when I was very young. Then faced shaming with food stamps.

      There's no more stigma attached to food stamps. However, hunger is a good teacher...