Monday, February 18, 2013

Goals for the week...

I'm going to try to keep up with my grading with all of the excitement that will be going on this week.

1. This morning, sometime within the next hour or so, we will be having our kitchen measured for new cabinets.  At the very least, we badly need to replace our lower cabinets, and will be plumbing in a dishwasher right next to the sink. 

2. Sometime after that, we'll be going in to Lowes to choose our cabinets and counter tops.  And schedule the work.

3. Tomorrow, sometime, our appliance repair guy (who is currently somewhere on the road between here and Mississippi) will come and look at our washer--and will probably fish a toddler sock out of the pump intake again.

4.  Hopefully, we'll get the replacement hose for the vacuum that I'd ordered from Amazon.  I'm trying to think of how to temporarily fix it enough to get the living room and hall bath swept.

5.  Friday is Washington's real birthday--and Odysseus's.  We'll be going to my in-laws' for that.  I'm sure the imp will help Daddy blow out his birthday candles. 

So far, I think that's it.  I may be wrong. 

Other than that, I've started working on another book that I'd kind of been stuck on.  I had, yet again, tried to force a story in a direction it didn't want to go.  I was trying to prevent a character that I liked from being hurt in the process of dealing with a bad guy.  I'd like to see how much of that I can get written this week--I got about a thousand words written last night, on top of the outlining.

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