Saturday, February 9, 2013

...shoot me now...

I have essays to grade.  They're not major essays--what the course designer refers to as micro essays.  It's basically my analyzing an argument assignment, but with half a dozen movie clips instead of a coherent, written argument. 

So, I go and grab the first essay to grade.  It's written in heavy enough ebonics that I can hardly read it.  The student's focus and organization are good enough for about a B, but their development and tone & style are...lacking.

Yeah...I'm not up to grading that without being needlessly cruel to someone who's been horribly disserved by their school system.

So I grab the second essay.  No intro paragraph, no mention of what movie clips they're talking about in the topic sentence of any of their way am I grading that one without a serious application of alcohol. 

I guess I'll be doing my grading this evening after the kids go to bed, at the earliest.  The assignment itself sucks.  The first two students' attempts...suck worse. 

And this is the first paper of the semester. 

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