Saturday, February 2, 2013

Random ramblings

Odysseus got up with the kids this morning, and let me sleep in.  I feel a lot better, even if I actually have come down with a cold.  

The imp is wearing, right now, a pair of 5T jeans.  He's not quite four and a half.  They fit perfectly, lengthwise, even if they're about an inch or so too big around. 

The pixie is growing out of a lot of her size 2T stuff, and recently grew out of her size 7 shoes. 

These kids are going to be expensive to clothe. 

I've got a bit to do today--some boxes to sort stuff out of, and move out of the living room.  Coats to hang up.  A dishwasher to haul out, hook up, and run.  A living room to vacuum, and a kitchen to sweep and mop.

Two classes worth of busy work to grade.  Seriously, my classes last semester would be workshopping their first paper next week, and preparing to turn it in.  Not doing busy work.  This class?  The first paper is due after midterms.  Everything up to then is busy work--worksheets, summary/response journal entries (what my Comp I students were doing for the blogging assignment), and weekly discussion board questions that claim to fulfill the "critical thinking course objective."

I've been working on ideas for the next Gods book.  I've also printed The Last Pendragon to re-read, and revise.  I just haven't had time to do much, what with dealing with the piece of crap I've been handed to teach.  We've just finished the third week of classes, and I'm already looking forward to summer break. 

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