Friday, February 8, 2013

Aw, shit.

Can somebody please tell King Putt to start focusing on, I don't know, going golfing?  Just something besides the economy and job creation.  Because every time he focuses on job creation, jobs disappear.


  1. Kind of like every time he focuses on gun control, more guns are sold? :)

    1. Exactly, only it's bad in this case.

    2. Is it really Obama's fault or do we have too many people in this country who have their heads up their ass about issues??

    3. No, it's more that every time he opens his mouth, the opposite of what he claims to want happens. So he needs to go play golf and just shut up about jobs.

      As for the claim the percentage of people who have their heads planted somewhere dark, damp, and fragrant is about 90%. I think it's higher than that, but then again, I teach college.