Friday, February 22, 2013

FFOT: late nights

Late nights, always followed by very early mornings, can FTFO.  I cannot seem to be able to settle down for sleep before one in the fucking morning.  I cannot shut my stupid fucking brain off.  And the kids just do not sleep later than about seven in the fucking morning. 

Have at it.  Get whatever's annoying you off your chest before you head into the weekend. 


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    1. Anonymous Spam can FTFO, with an opened Russian spam can of ammo, sharp edges first. Followed by the can opener. And no Cosmoline for lube.

    2. Heh. Lord love ya. You just made my day.

  2. (Based on some dealings with other people I've had this week:)

    Attention whores who have to make it ALL ABOUT THEM can FTFO. People who need to "mansplain" at someone else (even when they are women) can FTFO. People who assume the worst possible interpretation of something that is said and are IMMEDIATELY OUTRAGED when what was actually said was innocent, can FTFO.

    Screw you, annoying people, I'm goin' home....