Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blatant pandering...

There is absolutely no fucking chance of this bill even making it out for a vote.  Missouri has a veto-proof pro-gun majority.  The only reason this bill was introduced, much less reported on, was because the anti-gunners are playing to their rich, big-city-suburb leftist voters. 

You know, the ones who can't even keep the illegal guns out of their districts because they're so fucking ineffectual.


  1. Absolutely TRUE. BUT, in CA the very same bill will pass. Democrat supermajority. New York and CA are going to be the best places for criminals to do business.

    1. Believe me, I'm glad I live in Missouri.

    2. The part of The People's Republic where I live is SOLIDLY republican conservatives. To the point that our sheriff has publicly stated he will not enforce anti-constitutional laws from feds or Excremento.

      I LIKE living in this part of the Golden Sate.


    3. Yeah. I bet your area wishes they could split off from the rest of the state and try to save themselves. As it is, you may live in a conservative area, but you're still taking a screwing from the liberal legislators.

      I bet you've got great scenery, though.