Monday, February 11, 2013

Coming up for the week...

We're scheduled to have that bathtub in the kids' bathroom replaced.  The middle of the tub is bowed up on one side, and cracking on the other.  The faucet is broken nearly beyond use (the knob is a shard of plastic attached by a rusty nut and bolt to the lever, and the spigot is cracked and flaps when water pours through).  It's yellow. 

And it's going to be a complete bitch to get out.  It and the shower walls are all one piece.  He says he's going to have to pull the toilet, too (which he'd better put back--it's not a low-flow toilet). 

The imp uses that bathroom.  His toilet seat is in there. 

Before any of you start laughing, that seat is special.  It's got a two-piece, hinged lid that works as a toddler-sized seat.  He doesn't have to hang on and balance.  Our toilet in our master bathroom not only doesn't have that, but has an enlongated bowl--the imp has refused to use it before, from the fear he's going to fall in. 

So, the imp is going to go to Grandma and Grandpa's on Tuesday, and come home on Wednesday.  Hopefully, the work will be done by then. 

How about the pixie?  She's going to spend that day in her brother's room with Mommy to keep her out from under the plumber's feet. 

So, my goal for the week is...survive the week, and see if I can manage to finish my grading.    Because I sure as hell don't think that I can manage anything else this week. 


  1. Get a Sawzall take it out in small pieces

    1. That's what the plumber says he's going to do, but quarters are tight enough (toilet is about eight inches or so from the tub) that it's still going to be necessary to move the toilet.