Thursday, February 14, 2013

No late papers! DTFO!

I've had two different students email me today, asking if they can turn in the draft they didn't turn in last week when I accept revisions from those who did turn them in, and need to revise, sometime next week.  No.  I do not take late papers.  Period. 

A revision takes maybe two minutes to grade.  A first draft takes five, if it's nearly perfect; ten, if it's an A but the student's got a few issues to watch for for the next paper; fifteen if it's a B (with more feedback); and twenty or more for lower grades, depending on how bad they are. 

To those two students: if you can't turn in work on time, don't ask a teacher whose stated policy is that they don't accept late papers to make an exception for you when they're grading revisions.  A revision is different from a draft.  I have no interest in bailing your stupid, lazy ass out.

And you will either learn quickly, or get a shit grade.  I'd rather you either learned quickly--otherwise, DTFO.

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