Friday, February 22, 2013

Stupid should hurt.

If a choice you make directly harms your employer, isn't it just common sense that you get fired for it? 

If I owned a business, was losing business because of the economy, was taking financial hits because of mandatory Medicaid, and I had employees that I knew had voted for King Putt, their asses would be the first ones out the door, with the door kicked so that it hit them on the way out. And I would hope that the judge laughs the dumb bitch out of court.

To vote for him once was racist.  To vote for him a second time is unforgivably stupid.


  1. In AZ, it's an at will state, which means either party can terminate employment for any reason or no reason whatsoever. Don't know about OH.

    1. I think the employer could get in some real trouble in OH. I'm not entirely sure...but it's worth the trouble, in my opinion, to send the message to idiots that persist in continuing with the same, failing actions, over and over again, while expecting positive results.