Monday, February 25, 2013

"Making, making, making..."

My pixie has been taking a bucket and a spoon, and stirring the spoon in the bucket, chanting, "Making, making, making!"  If you ask her what she's making, she answers with either "I making cookies!" or "I making cake!"

So cute. 

So, Odysseus and I took the kids to Wal-Mart (and if we needed any proof that our kids were incredibly well behaved, all we had to do was look at the other kids in the store).  I had kind of a vague idea of what I wanted to get for the pixie (and no clue for the imp)--a cooking set.  I had one when I was about six or so--aluminum, with a copper colored bottom--and thought she'd like one. 

I was right.  Hers are a heavier, better quality than the set I had, and came with a few cooking utensils.  So far, she's made a few more cakes--and some chili, in the stock pot.

The imp got a fire/rescue set of Hummer and helicopter, and a rubber snake.  The helicopter, which has a button that sets off a siren, is confined to either his room or the bathroom (with the door shut).  The snake has made appearances in several places. 

My mother is going to hate the snake, and blame me for instigating things, if he insists on taking it there.  Since it's his current favorite color (orange), it's entirely likely. 

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