Thursday, February 7, 2013


...tomorrow is going to be (you guessed it) busy. 

I have my pantry mostly set up.  Now, I have to work on getting all of the bulk canned food out of the kitchen (and into the pantry), and get the cabinets rearranged to work better for the family.  Including using one of the bookcases that I was using for a pantry to hold things like chips and crackers.  It's going to be the bookcase at the far end of the kitchen, though--the pixie is sneaky, especially where it comes to quietly going and getting herself a handful of Goldfish crackers, immediately before a meal.

After I get my grading done.  And while the kids are both around (and likely underfoot). 

It's interesting...I think that, after years of having no problems, the imp is having separation issues.  He wants to be around me and his sister pretty much constantly, and wants my attention all to himself.  Two years ago, he was pretty consistently playing quietly by himself in his room.  Didn't want to be hanging around (or on) me--though he did want to be hovering over the pixie (then again, two years ago, she wasn't mobile and trying to play with his toys).  Even a year ago, he didn't really want to play with me, or have me or Odysseus watching him play.  Now, he can't seem to get enough of it.  It's caught me kind of flat-footed. 

And I have come to the realization...that I don't really know how to play with him.  Nor do I really know how to play with the pixie. 

I look forward to better weather when I can take them outside, and just help them play on the swing set and slide. 

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