Saturday, February 16, 2013

random ramblings

I had to get up at twenty 'til seven this morning.  The imp woke up cold, got up, and came and knocked on our bedroom door.  I got him back to bed, got in with him by his request, and got him back to sleep, but I didn't get much more.  The child doesn't stop moving even in his sleep. 

The pixie has gotten a lot more interested in books, lately.  She's not careful enough to be permitted to look at picture books with paper pages, and has torn several of the imp's half-worn-out board books in half along the spine. 

I can't sit between them and read to them--they fight over me, and fight over the books. 

At least I already know both kids are going to be book addicts like their parents.

I had it reinforced last night that one of my cats might well turn wino if she has a chance.  I spent yesterday feeling like my throat was coated with a thick layer of phlegm, and fixed myself a hot toddy last night.  I had to chase the cat out of it three times before I gave up and lured her and her sister back to the pantry with food. 

I got papers graded last week--did you know that I actually had one student write a fifteen page micro essay?  Yeah...I wrote shorter papers (presentation length) in grad school.  This weekend, all I've got to grade is the standard busy work.  Which I need to get on, so I'll see if I can figure out anything to write about later.

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