Saturday, February 2, 2013

To quote Charlie Brown...



I put the pixie down for her nap, and walked out of her room only to run into the imp on the way to his.  Nearly ran over the poor little guy.  I got him put down, too, and went into the living room to pick up and grade my classes' busy work.

And then...I heard something.  Something rattling in the pixie's room.  I got up to investigate, thinking there may have been a kitten in there.  Nope.  Pixie was out of her bed, up on her toes, pulling the tiny, battery-run, emergency LED camping lantern I've been using as a nightlight for the other end of her room down off of her dresser. 

I took it, got her back to bed, and put it up higher, further out of her reach. 

Then, I went and made myself a fresh cup of coffee.  Sat down.  Picked my grading back up.  Got one piece of busy work graded.

And then...I heard something.  Something squeaking in the pixie's room.  I got up to investigate, and found that she'd found a rubber duckie, and was laying in her bed chewing on it. 

So, I took it and the other rubber duckie I saw, and tucked her back in.  Took the duckies out into the living room with me.

Then, I sat down, picked up my laptop, and took a drink of my coffee.  Got one more piece of busy work graded. 

Now?  I'm hearing her out of bed, playing.  I'm about ready to put the little shit in the crib that's still set up in her room. 

And every time I get up to go deal with her, I'm having to get out of, then back into the grade book in the distance learning platform, because the fucking thing is timing out on me. 

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