Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Better things to do...

I have many, many things on my list of "Better Things to Do than Watch the State of the Union Address."  Amongst them are cutting my cats' toenails while they actively fight it (which I won't be doing, thank you very much). 

What I'll actually be doing will be grading papers.


  1. Much the same thing, I figure. Only with grading you're getting paid to deal with stupidity.

    1. True. It's no less painful than trimming cat claws, but less physically injurious. And is what brings in my nice, fat paycheck.

    2. Do your cats have a 'designated' scratching 'post'?

      My 5 cats have a post (from my very first cat; all 10 of my cats have used it!)-- it's a pine log.

      The post keeps their claws trimmed nicely.

    3. They do, and I never trim their claws. It was a metaphor--I'd rather do pretty much any useless, painful chore than watch King Putt pontificate.