Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's about bloody time!!!

My university has not raised adjunct pay since 1997.  That, however, is about to change.  My department head emailed all of us (adjuncts) to let us know that those of us who've been teaching for the university for longer than five years are going to be getting a significant raise.

It's still going to be less than most part-time professions get, but most of my colleagues don't spend as much time on their classes--prep, grading, spending time anticipating and researching likely student questions, and spending time answering questions we get (not to mention just hanging out with my students, like I tend to do)--as I do, so I guess that's fair. 

And even a small raise helps. 


  1. Congrats!

    It's funny how my raises coincide with raising the Minimum Wage, and then I have less purchasing power.

  2. Yeah, but...everything about colleges' costs, including the wages for everybody else has risen faster than inflation. Everybody else has gotten a raise every year or two.