Tuesday, November 6, 2012

She has my empathy.

I am pretty sure that, should my male genetic donor have found this blog, and I had found out, I'd have learned how to block him.  I would not have posted a video. 

He does not have that power over me anymore.* 

Not everyone is able to move past experiences like that.  It's taken me years (and the best husband I could have ever hoped to find), but I no longer care enough to send a message. 

No, I wasn't allowed to testify against him in court, either (mostly because his cop buddies either refused to investigate because "he'd never do that!" or falsified reports that they had: "I fixed that for you, buddy--the report's in that there's nothing to be found.").  Nor was it ever investigated when we filed reports that he was stalking my sister and me at school.  Nothing ever came of any of it, but I no longer care.

However, for some, that kind of closure is needed before they can get all of the crap behind them. 

I hope Brie Lybrand finds the closure she needs. 

*I've gotten to the point where I no longer care whether he lives or dies.

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