Saturday, November 3, 2012

random ramblings

It's too bloody early.  I let the imp stay up til ten-thirty last night, in the hopes that he'd actually sleep this morning.  Yeah, no.  I jumped up to quiet the pixie and hopefully get her back to sleep to hopefully not wake the imp...and heard him try to sneak into the living room at seven freakin' thirty, this morning.  I told him to get back in the bed, got the pixie tucked back in, and went in to cover him up.

They were both back up at eight. 

This does not bode well for my Sunday morning. 

I'm about ready to dose 'em both with Benedryl when they get up so that they go back to bed and get enough sleep.  No, not so I can get enough sleep.  I'm worried about the amount of sleep they're getting.  I recently read a few articles connecting ADHD symptoms with not enough sleep in kids.  They're hard enough to handle well-rested.  I don't want to see their behavior get any worse.

The puppy has a new bed in her kennel-cage.  When we get her up for walks in the middle of the night, she groans and tries to roll over and go back to sleep, instead of being up and ready to get out.  She loves her new bed.  And is starting to be able to go five hours between walks, especially at night when she's sleepy.

This will be the last writing-related post on this blog, barring announcements of a new story posted on the other blog, or announcing a new book published.  I keep worrying that I'm boring the crap out of y'all with crowing about what I'm doing with the fiction writing. 

I've just finished picking up the papers that were due last night at midnight.  Odysseus has today and tomorrow off.  He's going shooting, one of those two days.  Whichever day he doesn't go shooting, he's going to watch the kids, and I'm going to hole up somewhere and see just how much I can get graded in one sitting.  I'd like to get it all done before Wednesday.  I'd like to stay caught up, and not get behind again, but that depends as much on my kids and their behavior as it does how bad my students' papers are. 

Here's hoping they're not too bad, this time.

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