Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm gonna expand on my husband's post.

Odysseus wrote a "So what are you going to do about it?" response to the election.  Said it's time to stop identifying the problem (done), and start thinking about how to fix it. 

I've got a couple of points I'd like to expand on.  First, his first point under the personal.  He reminds everyone to keep 3-6 months expenses in cash, then stock up on supplies.  I'd like to expand on that point: after you've stocked up on cash and 3-6 months in emergency supplies (beans, bullets, band-aids), invest your ear-marked 15% of your income not in retirement accounts, but in real assets: precious metals (which need to be in your physical possession), property, or anything else that will hold value.  The next step is probably going to be the government raiding retirement accounts to keep up failing pensions, Social Security, and welfare.

Expanding on his fourth personal point--getting out and meeting people--as well as his second macro-scale point--get behind minorities and help them--anything left after funding your retirement and paying your bills (and keeping yourself fed) needs to go to helping your neighbor.  Don't give the money to soup kitchens.  Do it yourself.  Find someone that needs help, and help them.  Take them basic staples--canned veggies, canned meat, loaves of bread, and stuff like that.  Make sure they have what they need to stay healthy.  We've been doing that with our literal neighbors, as best we can.  Our income is mostly eaten up by our bills, so the best we've been able to do is make sure they have enough to eat, but we have done that.

Teach the poor that they don't have to rely on the government, that you, their neighbors, see them, and see what they need better than a government bureaucrat that doesn't look up from their charts and numbers, who gives them x, y, and z benefits, because that's what they're entitled to, whether they need it or not.  If they're having trouble paying rent one month, take it to your church, and see if you can find a way to help them.  If they're having trouble with their utilities, make sure they understand the cold weather rules wherever you are.  If they're having trouble making ends meet, but seem to have a job, sit down with them and see if you can help them figure out where the money's going (and don't get preachy if they smoke--that shit is the most addictive stuff on the planet, and has vicious physical withdrawal symptoms, including changes in brain chemistry, and related behavior changes), and if and how they can reapportion their income to work better for them.

Teach the minorities that what they're told about white people hating them is wrong.  We don't hate them, we hate their culture that shapes them into criminals.  We hate that the people shaping policy have locked them into an underclass by sabotaging their educations, and by letting them think that acting responsibly is "acting white"--going against their race.  Interact with them, where it's safe.  In tutoring football players on my campus, I showed more than one bitter, angry, young black man that white people aren't afraid of them because they're black, but because they're angry and unpredictable, and their culture espouses violence.

And most of all, do not vote for another Republican candidate.  Send them to the scrap-heap of history.  Teach the politicians that they are our servants, not our masters. 


  1. Re: Teach the minorities that what they're told about white people hating them is wrong.

    Change "minorities" to "Afghans."

    So tell me how's that working out for us?

    Expect the same results here. They've been conditioned by generations to expect handouts and they'll love you real fine so long as you continue to help them. Soon as you stop? You're right back where we started.

    Call me cynical but 60 plus years of seeing this take place tends to mold MY opinion.


    1. You may be right, but we've got to try. I've had pretty good success with the individuals I've met. The problem is that I'm just one person. And most places with minorities aren't safe for whites. And...this: