Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guys, be careful with your sperm.

My neighbors are both on their second marriage (each other).  Both have kids with the first spouse.  Neither has (but deserve) custody of those kids.

Last weekend, his ex-wife brought his kids by for a visit.  I want y'all to remember that they've got nothing.  No running water, no electricity. 

The oldest boy (the only one biologically his--and admittedly so) begged to stay with his dad and step-mom, despite them able to give him nothing but a roof over his head, and love.

Today, two days later, the cops show up.  With DFS.  Ex-wife called, reporting that the kids were running up and down the road with no supervision (lies), and that there were no utilities hooked up (true, but at least Dad doesn't cook or do meth*). 

The house has been inspected by the city and condemned.  The kids are being removed.  I offered to watch them until this evening, when their families got off work, and the cops and DFS said sure--provided I was willing to submit to having my home inspected. 

Since that ain't happening, the most I can do (and least I am willing to do) is let them use our phone to try to get her lawyer and her family and her friends in law enforcement involved.  They've got my cordless phone over there, right now. 

And I can see them putting the car seats and booster in a car that I sincerely hope is his step-mother's, but fear is a DFS officer's vehicle. 

I wish there were more I could have done.  I can see the agony in both their postures from across the street. 

Don't have sex with someone you're not sure you're in it with for forever.  Sex is biologically designed to make babies, and you can't be sure what she's going to do with your children.

*Kid crawled into her lap and told them that his mom said she was going to stop cooking her own meth and start buying what she "needed."

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