Monday, April 9, 2012


So...the kids and I are all sick with another cold.  I am in no mood for grading, but I have to get the papers they turned in last Thursday done today or tomorrow.  And I already know that one student has failed--he didn't even follow the assignment guidelines well enough to turn in the kind of persuasive paper called for. My class isn't easy to fail--it's a basic, everybody has to take and pass it core class, and I have it set up to pass with a C if you do a minimum amount of work--and this student is failing on the papers he's actually turning in.  I'm getting frustrated, because I've emailed and emailed him about revising his papers, and how to fix them to pass, and he's just merrily bumbling on, failing his ass off. 

I also need to get blogs graded.

I really needed to have gotten this done over the weekend, but with both kids sick and turning into cuddle-bug lap limpets every time I sat down, I didn't have hands free to type with for feedback on the papers.  Right now would be a good chance--they're both down for naps--but I'm afraid I'll just give them all failing grades because of how cranky I am.


  1. Does anyone bring you stuff to get a better grade?? Case of beer, bottle of booze??

  2. Sadly, when I was a classroom teacher, the ones that brought me stuff were the ones that didn't need the help.

    Not that it would have, y'know, helped.