Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busy day

The imp woke up at about seven this morning, and was in a good mood.  A very snuggly good mood--kind of rare for him and how active he is.  He watched Curious George, then The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That.  Then he asked "Daddy get up?  Go Papa's house?  Where Daddy?"

The pixie woke up in time to give kisses and say "bye-bye!"  Well, she kind of more growls it, but it's pretty cute. 

She's been demonstrating that she's got some cat personality traits, lately.  Ignoring what we say ("come here" and "don't touch that," mostly).  I guess her terrible twos are going to be kind of passive aggressive.  'Bout the only thing that curbs it is a swat on the hand for reaching for whatever we were telling her not to touch, or a swat on the leg if she doesn't come to us when we tell her to.  That behavior is dangerous. And she's only going on seventeen months old, and we've already learned that timeouts don't work on her at all.

We got a lot of housework that'd backed up while I was dealing with the migraine that wouldn't die (finally went away yesterday night) done.  I've still got a little more to do, but not much.

Next week is week 15 of the Spring Semester.  I'll be picking up and grading final papers, then picking up and grading revisions.  Last day of class is the 9th of May, then we have Reading Day.*  I'll give them a week to dispute grades, then I'll be turning them in on Friday of finals week--the day after the last final.

Then I'm free for a few weeks before my teaching assistant gig starts back up with summer.

I can't wait.

*Reading Day used to be called Dead Day--until my sophomore year in college when some idiot died of alcohol poisoning diabetic shock (only 18--it couldn't have been alcohol!) in his shower in the campus dorm apartments.

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