Monday, April 16, 2012

More moral?

I feel kind of sorry for this particular scientist who's come to the deeply erroneous conclusion that women are more moral than men.  They aren't.  Not really.  Try, instead, more concerned with appearances. 

Because, trust me: if women didn't care what their neighbors thought of them, they'd be sneakier, more ruthless, and far more self-involved than men.

Kipling knew that in 1911.  It's no less true today than when he wrote about it


  1. I think it's because women are concerned with appearances that they are sneakier, more ruthless, and more self involved than me.

    Men don't give a damn. Takes too much energy we can spend on porn.

  2. You got a point, there. Takes more energy than I ever cared to expend, at any rate. Porn's good, but books are better. Porn in books (where the plot's not sacrificed) is best of all, since I tend to sink so far into what I'm reading that I'm living it.


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