Friday, April 20, 2012

FFOT: Plagiarists

Everybody who's been reading my blog since Tuesday knows that I caught one of my students plagiarizing.  Not just a little, but pretty egregiously.

Then, she had the solid brass ones to tell me it was my fault that she was failing the class, that I wasn't being fair to her.  Then, she told me she was going to go to my boss with one of her classmates that also has a grudge, and they were going to complain and get my decisions (and grades) overturned.

She can fuck off so hard that five generations on either side of her feel violated.  I did not force her to copy a paper from a website, add the class-required header, remove the works cited, and claim it as her own work.  I did my best on keeping my cool, didn't descend to the invective I was strongly tempted to unleash on her, and pointed out that the university policy both defines and sets the consequences for plagiarism, and that she acknowledged that at the beginning of the semester.

She then got even more outraged and went off again, with more verbal abuse--making sure I knew that she had it far harder in her life (lost her husband at 22--lucky bastard doesn't have to put up with her anymore) than anyone else could possibly  have had, and I had no right to suddenly tell her she'd failed a class she paid money for, and I couldn't possibly prove that she'd cheated because she'd never bought a paper.

No, the stupid cunt took one from a free site, and the whole fucking paper popped up when I searched a sentence that was far beyond her writing skills.

She did shut up when I sent her the link.

Okay, sweetie--let me get a few things off my chest: fuck you.   Fuck you, fuck your threat, fuck your plagiarism, fuck your complete inability to follow the rules of readability.  Fuck your emails with one sentence that was six fucking inches long.  Fuck your emails with no capital letters.  Fuck your use of textspeak in your email.  Fuck your defensiveness, and your attempts to try to turn it back on me as my fault.  Fuck your attempts to bully me into giving you an A for a fucking paper you didn't fucking write.  Fuck you for fucking making me fucking dread fucking opening my fucking email for the past fucking day and a fucking half.  Fuck you for fucking existing, you self-centered, fucking stupid, fucking lazy fucking ass cunt.  I don't fucking care that your fucking cousin died, or that you fucking took in her twelve year old daughter--ask for a fucking extension on the fucking paper, instead of fucking ripping off someone else's fucking work, as well as my fucking time all fucking semester.  I fucking grant fucking extensions in circumstances like that. 

May this be the last straw that boots your fucking worthless fucking lazy fucking self out of college.  And may your children, and any child coming into your care, become fucking sterile so that they can't pass your fucking genetics, or pass on your fucking example to future generations of slackers and thieves.


  1. Must be pretty bad to be a day early...

    1. That, and Blogger screwed up the scheduled post time.

  2. Really "interesting" to see how different things are in school from "my generation" - I just turned 62 the other day. (How the heck can that be?!?!?!?)

    In "my day", after Mrs. Hicks or Mr. McClintock smacked me for being stupid ( or hit me in the back of the head with an eraser - Mrs. Hicks had a mean arm!!! ) they would threaten to "call your mom"!


    Cause she would truly smack the crap outta me.

    And we were better for it - discipline was maintained. In fact every adult, within reason, had the right to give you a smack on the butt and to "call your mom" if you were stupid.

    Today, the inmates are in charge. It hasn't been a good change. I admire your career choise Ms. H - I would not have the strength to do what you do.

    1. When I was in H.S., one of the young men a year behind me did...something, and they called his grandmother (a fourth grade teacher in the same system, about a block away). She hot-footed it up to the high school building, grabbed her grandson by the ear (he was about 6'8" while she was 5'2" and shrinking), dragged him into the cafeteria, and jerked his jeans down and beat the tar out of him in front of God and everyone.

      This was after corporal punishment was banned. But, since she was his grandmother...

      From what I heard, he got it even worse when he got home.

  3. I second your FO. And a giant flying FO to the entitlement mentality that makes something like that student's attitude possible.

    When I was in school, the idea of plagiarizing or cheating on a test never crossed my mind, partly because I knew that if I got caught, I'd have no recourse...that if they chose to kick me out of school, that was that, and I'd be in a lot deeper doo-doo than I would be for earning an honest C or something.

    1. It just flat never occurred to me. Not because I was afraid of getting caught, but because I didn't want to expend the effort of finding what I needed to cheat when it was already something I knew.

  4. OOOPS.....

    Back in the day, I smoked cigarettes (Lucky Strikes, to be exact) and I carried them in my shirt pocket.

    Often I would put crib notes on top of the cigarette back for quick reference to whatever.

    Point of the day: I am still trying to figure out WTF K thru 12 (13years!) really taught me?

    Should it take 13 years to learn how to read and write?

    College? My first week in a college journalism class, I had am article in the college newspaper.

    To each his/her own!

    1. OCM--if you'd been caught, would you have reacted like the little shit in my class? Probably not. I can see you shrugging, giving them the finger, and accepting whatever grade they gave you.

  5. Can you get her expelled from the school entirely if she threatened you?

    1. She didn't threaten my well-being, just threatened to get me fired. Otherwise, I'd have done my best to get her expelled before she went after one of the wimps on campus that are more scared of guns than they are of being hurt by a violent student.