Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two day migraines suck...

Sorry I haven't done much with the blog over the last couple of days, but I woke up with a light- and sound-sensitive migraine above and behind my right eye yesterday morning.  Went to bed with it last night.  Woke up with the same headache this morning.  I can get it to ease a bit (coffee + Aleve + Tylenol), but it's not going away. 

I'm just glad that my migraines rarely include nausea.  I'm also glad they rarely last more than three or four days. 


  1. Two day migraines do suck, for you and the family. feel better soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about that HH. My Mom dealt with those once a month for as long as I can remember. They suck thats for sure.

    Hope you feel better :(

  3. My sympathies. I occasionally (rarely these days, so maybe I have perimenopause to thank for one thing) get migraines. They never last more than a few hours but mine do end with nausea and vomiting. Though yeah, the light and sound sensitivity really sucks. Hope you get better soon.

  4. Thanks for the sympathy, guys. I'll try to do some real material, today. I've got another executive order to dissect.