Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ask an offensive question...

Bill Ayers asked why uniformed military get boarded on flights before everyone else in a recent rant.

I got an answer for him: because they risk their lives for people like Bill Ayers and his bitch wife Bernadine Dohrn to have the right to show their ass in public just like he did. 

(As a special aside to the bitch...America is not, and never was, an empire.  We've shoved our dependants and protectorates off of our protections and onto their own two feet as quickly as we could.  The only real exceptions are American Samoa, which does its best to be a productive member of the union despite distance preventing them from becoming a full state, and Puerto Rico, which refuses to either shit or get off the pot on the topic of becoming a state or declaring their independence.  And if it were a collapsing empire, like Dorhn insists...well, whose fault is that?  Who is it, exactly, draining the life out of the nation?  It certainly isn't the military.  Nor yet the individuals with jobs, who pay taxes...)

In any case, to answer Ayers's question in simpler terms: we let the military board flights before teachers and nurses because despite the major service nurses offer society, soldiers serve and sacrifice far more than any of the rest of us, and deserve the privilege.    

Where else in the world could he badmouth soldiers without being stood up against a wall and shot?


  1. I wish we would still execute people for treason, Obama would be short a lot of staffers.

    1. Amen, Duke. I'd be willing to argue that he'd be short most of Congress, too.

  2. They also (used to, I've not flown in years) board families with small children first. I'd like to see someone claim that that's "wrong." The level of parent-outrage would be huge.

    You know what? If I were flying, and there were a military man or woman in uniform, even if they weren't planning on boarding them first? I'd step back and LET them board first. There's such a thing as being gracious and recognizing people's service. (And I'd feel safer on a plane with members of the military on board...)

  3. And the biggest capitalist outrage of all they also board early those who pay more to fly(first class{how do you think Bill Ayers flies?}) and those who fly often enough to be part of whatever airline's frequent fliers club.

    Personally I think Ayers and Dorn are just upset about getting boarded at the same time as the proletariat.