Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not so sure this is such a glowing endorsement.

I'm not sure which is worse: being serviced while on duty (and don't forget: they were there scouting for Obama's trip, and had his itinerary in one of the rooms that saw action), or being forced to admit you were too drunk to be serviced. 

I have some interesting views on prostitution.  Namely, it's between the individuals involved and Whomever they answer to.  So long as it's fairly contracted, and fairly paid for (which is the--ahem--root of the problem in this situation), and none of the individuals are married, I have no problems with it.  It's more honest that politics, after all, and far more honest of a life than that of many preachers' wives I've met.

That said, these men are tasked with one of the most important jobs in the country: protecting the inhabitant of the White House.  Yes, the current inhabitant is a blithering idiot communist, but that isn't the point.  Those assclowns in Colombia put him in unnecessary danger by a) arranging the "party," b) letting unvetted personnel into places where they could access information about the POTUS's trip,  c) pissing off one of their call-girls, and d) apparently, having some of their number too drunk to fuck, much less function at their jobs. 

I've mostly stayed out of it, other than laughing at the idiots involved, but this was so far beyond the stupid as to require comment.


  1. The concept of only having 'sex' with your 'designated' partner is puritanical bull shit!

    1. I don't care, so long as there are no oaths involved. I'm a naturally monogamous individual, and so is Odysseus. I have friends that aren't. I recommended to them to write their own vows leaving out the "keeping only unto him/her" part.

      In my opinion, with a prostitute, you're not paying them for sex--you're paying them to keep quiet and go away after you're done.

  2. Three words as to why I want Obama kept VERY safe for the rest of his term (and, God forbid, the second term, if he wins one:)

    President Joe Biden.

    I don't know. I have mixed feelings on prostitution. In some cases, it's exploitative of the women and they're essentially slaves. But I tend to be laissez-faire.

    On the other hand, I feel about it like about pot smoking: I don't care whether or not you do it UNLESS your doing it impacts the safety of others in some ways. I don't care if the clerk at Wal-mart tokes up at home; I DO care if the guy driving the bus I am on smoked up shortly before starting his shift. I think this issue falls into a similar category.