Friday, April 20, 2012

Two and a half more weeks

I am counting down!!!  Monday starts week 14 of 16, and that last week ends on Wednesday!  After that, I'll be free until the last two weeks of August.

I'm planning on playing with the kids.  A lot.  And maybe seeing if I can teach the imp to read. 

Maybe I'll be able to get to the range more often, and spend some more quality time with a rifle. 

I definitely will finish the set of stories I've been working on.

I should be able to get the clutter out of the house, and get things organized.

Last, but not least, I'm planning on getting rid of a lot of clothes I don't really care for, that neither Odysseus and I have worn within the last six months, and anything that doesn't fit--like the clothes I'm still shrinking out of (finally losing the baby weight I gained while I was pregnant the first time, as well as some I'd put on before that). 

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