Monday, April 23, 2012

Apparently, we need to be hypervigilant on Fridays.

Seems our IIC (thanks, Rob, for bringing that one to my attention!) likes to advance his watermelon agenda on Fridays.  How else do you explain signing an executive order nationalizing the production of natural gas on a Friday (ironically, Friday the 13th)?

I'd love to see some nation-wide, corporate and non corporate, civil disobedience against all of these laws hemming us all in.  They can't arrest 300+ million people, and they can't levy penalties on every business in the country. 

Not successfully, at any rate.


  1. Hey no sweat I feel you can get into less trouble calling him Idiot In Charge. Look at what happen to Ted Nugget. I wish him no harm, just get THE FUCK OUT !!!

    Folks way back when said Uncle Ronnie was just acting like a President. This one is just a big CON ARTIST, after all he is from Chicago.

    1. Yup...corrupt, organized crime thug describes him pretty well.


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