Saturday, April 21, 2012

I hate it when programs "improve" things.

The class platform that my university uses regularly "improves" things--oddly enough, neither it nor the campus web platform programs are compatible with IE9.  As in, they still aren't compatible.  Recently, the university switched providers on the student email accounts, causing much difficulty for my students in turning papers in, and/or getting in contact with me.

Now, Blogger's jumped on the "let's fix something that isn't broken!" bandwagon.  The updated Blogger interface, in a word, sucks.  It's ugly, clunky, less user-friendly, and I really, really hate it.  And I really hate it that they just changed it on me without my permission.  So, I fiddled with the white and orange monstrosity until I found out how to get back my old dashboard interface.

I'm probably not the only one to figure out how to fix it, but I'm going to post this anyway.

Over on the right hand side of your screen, you should see an icon that looks like a gear.  Click on that.  It should drop a menu for you that has "Old Blogger Interface" on it.  Click on that, and you should have your old, far more pleasant blue dashboard page back.

I don't know how long they're going to leave us with the option, since it's powered by Google, and Google is evil and invasive, but it's there for now, and works for now. 

God save us all from bored techs and programmers desperate to prove that they deserve their salaries.


  1. No problem. I'm not that computer literate, but I've picked up a few tricks out of necessity. Glad to help.

  2. I had to do it two or three times, but now I get my old dashboard without having to ask for it.

  3. The only 'good thing' to happen when Blogspot (Google) 'banned' me,
    I discovered, WORD PRESS to blog with, along with a great service provider SITEGROUND (
    the blog is MINE with no censorship......

    Siteground is located in Bosnia (not outsourced from USA), with 24 hour phone service for immediate help with issues......

    1. I've thought about it, and if I ever have that kind of a problem with Google, I'll probably make the jump.


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