Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big lies...

Sorry for the stupid post, but M Sgt B started a series of comments in my post about the FBI and malicious malware fixes.  So, since I'd like to throw this open to everybody, I'm posting all the ones we've come up with so far (credited, of course--I just busted a plagiarist). 

Okay, to start with the one that started it all:

1. It's only for a moment... (thanks for starting this one, M Sgt B)

2. The check is in the mail

3. The drop zone is wide enough.

I'm going to go out of order, because all but one of the rest are...suggestive.  Rob continued with

4. I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

5.  I won't cum in your mouth.

6. We'll just lie here with our clothes on (from TinCan Assassin)...

7. Just the tip (thank you, dear)...

8. Don't worry--I'm on the pill.

9. Trust me, I'll pull out in time. (TinCan Assassin's, again)

10. (Waking up the next morning) Who are you, again? (this one and the next two are Rob's)

11. Call me.

12. I'll call you.


  1. Yes, I'll still respect you in the morning.

  2. Of course I won't tell the guys about this...

  3. I haven't been with very many guys before you...

  4. After all we are like minded people. ;)

    1. No that dress doesn't make you fat....(much...trying not to laugh)

  5. Yes. I'm paying attention, Dear...

  6. How you feel is important to me, Honey...

  7. Come on, baby, I just want to show you how much I love you...

  8. "I'm telling you this because I love you"

    Maybe not ALWAYS a lie, but I know once or twice in my life when I heard that, and it was followed by what was purely destructive criticism that was not offered in a very loving way at all.

    I've also found that "medium rare" is a lie at many restaurants.