Thursday, April 5, 2012 is that possible?

Somebody doesn't know history at all...this idiot thinks that Moses was Muslim, and led Palestinians from Egypt into Palestine.

Dipstick forgot something: Moses led the Israelites--the descendants of Isaac and Jacob, not of Ishmael--out of Egypt back to Israel in the 8th or 7th century BC.  Islam started--really started--in about 610 AD, when the Great Pedophile revealed his "revelations from God."

I really wish people would remember how easy it is to check facts and dates online before they fart from their mouths.


  1. I run into that all the time. It drives me nuts. Usually I hear the version that Abraham's first son Ismael (Issac's half brother) was the founder of the Mooslims.

    They don't understand that Abraham had legitimate uses for his goats and sheep and would never have allowed them to be molested.

    1. Not to mention I doubt he'd have permitted the rape of prepubescent children...

  2. Ishmael is actually the father of the Arabs. Ishmael was illegitimate so Abraham's blessings went to Issac. That's why Arabs hate the Jews.

    Moses is one of the five great prophets of Islam. The four others are Adam, Noah, Jesus, and Mohammad. Jesus is considered one of the most honorable and greatest prophets of Islam.
    Not one of the prophets, from Moses to Mohamed, was so highly praised as Jesus was. Jesus was described as a guiltless prophet and a blessed prophet.

    Now, if Jesus is one of the greatest prophets of Islam, how come Muslims don’t take to the streets when Jesus is mocked in the movies, newspapers, and by left wing liberals? If Jesus is a Prophet, equal to Mohamed in the Koran, why do modern days Muslims not honor him like they do Mohamed? Why aren't Muslims naming their children Jesus, Adam, Noah, or Moses? The only “religious” name they use is Mohamed? Are not these other four great Prophets of Islam?