Friday, April 13, 2012

FFOT: Judge not

I'm in a much better mood this morning than I have been the last several Fridays, so invective will be lighter than usual.  But I am seriously cheesed off by the whole debacle about Ann Romney "never having worked a day in her life." 

Feminazis can FTFO.  With broken glass and rancid habanero cheez. 

I have actually been told, by radical feminists in grad school, that I was betraying the sisterhood by taking Odysseus's last name when we got married.  I've been told that the only valid choice for me, as a woman, was going on for my PhD (which I don't want), and looking for a full time position in an English department (also don't want), and possibly going into administration (really don't want--I teach because I love teaching, not because that's the hurdle to working in Academia, and admin doesn't have time to teach), because we can't have a man telling us what to do!   I had more than one radical feminist tell me that my hobbies were wrong because they were traditional women's work (wrong--knitting was a man's work while he was watching the sheep). 

So, yeah: Feminazis can FTFO.  Susan B. Anthony would be ashamed of the lot of them.

How was your week?  Anyone or anything you want to tell to FO?


  1. Students who do a pre-emptive strike end-run, by going to an administrator to get them to call up the prof to TELL the prof to make some accommodation - when the student never bothered to go to the prof first - can FTFO.

    I had this happen to me this week. It was a situation that, had the student come to me first, I would have readily said, "Yes" but I feel very unsettled that they decided to go to an administrator and have her call me (and I presume, be prepared to bully me a little bit if I said no) first.

    If **I** step out of the chain-of-command I get my ass handed to me.

  2. Also, people who wait until the last minute for something, and then catch you as you are in last-minute "gotta get ready for class" mode, and who get upset when you can't drop everything to help them just then, can FTFO

  3. I know I'm a bit late to the party on this one.

    If a man told you that you weren't living your life according to his ideals he would rightly be called a misogynist, for a woman to try the same thing is just as bad but also pitiful. The feminist revolution happened, but like the French Revolution we learned that there are those who live for the Revolution, not for the change that they revolted for. Just imagine a Feminist "Reign of Terror" should they ever get their way...

    1. Meh, better late than never, AM. Step into any college English department, and you won't have to imagine it.