Monday, April 30, 2012

Paying the Danegeld again

I wrote about this a few years ago, but the story bears repeating: Long ago, in the nation that eventually gave birth to an empire so large the sun never set upon it, a king was faced with a dilemma: his land was being raided, his people killed, and whatever wealth they had with them stolen. There were two culprits, the Vikings from the north, and the Danes from the south.

The Vikings never made any demands or offers--they just burned, murdered, raped, and pillaged (not necessarily in that order). The Danes, on the other hand, sent messengers to the king with an offer: pay us tribute, and we will leave your shores.

The king bowed to their demand. And paid. The next year, he was forced to pay a little more. And a little more.

His successor stopped the payments. When the Danes sent to him with the same demand, he turned them away, saying "Once you pay the Danegeld [the tribute-bribe to keep them from killing the people], you're never rid of the Dane." And then he drove both Vikings and Danes away, at least for his reign.

The President apparently doesn't know this story any better than Senator Ben Nelson did: he's paying bribes to the RIFs that want this nation burning in radioactive fire with the same passion they want Israel destroyed.  


  1. Muslims helping each other.......

    1. Nah...the IIC (Idiot In Chief) is paying a bribe not to cause trouble before the election.