Sunday, April 15, 2012

Definitely my son

The imp demonstrated, a few weeks ago, that he can recognize the word "open"--every time we go to Sam's Clubs for diapers, we walk past the lighted "open" signs, and he does know his letters.  I figured that it was a fluke that he recognizes the word "open."

I was wrong.  He also recognizes the word "stop."

He's starting to read early.


  1. but can he field strip an AR-15 yet?

    When are you going to get that boy to the range?


  2. We're planning that in about three or four more years. He's still a little clumsy to be safe with even an airsoft...

    As for the field stripping a rifle...I suspect that will come a lot sooner. The boy loves puzzles.

  3. Our two oldest boys knew McDonald's and Burger King real quick. Now days We don't get to them but maybe 4 x a year.

    1. Funny thing was, I spelled "stop" when I was telling my mother about it, and he starts chanting the word, and looking for his little wooden stop sign that came with his wooden rails set.

      Our favorite restaurant is "the fry place" (Red Hot & Blue--great food, great music, and good kids' menu prices that include the drink). We get to go every so often--we get coupons, and kind of scrimp on other stuff, just so we can.