Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Character flaw: things don't go smooth

Stupid distance learning platform loaded and ran like there was never a problem, yesterday morning.  Odysseus took the kids outside for an hour yesterday morning, so I had quiet to work.  The imp actually came inside without pitching a tantrum, and it appears that the pixie doesn't have allergies like I'd started fearing.  I got my grading done, and things were starting to look up. 

We went to Sam's Club to pick up a refill on the pixie's acid blocker, and I spotted a bunch of sets of new dishes.  Grabbed a box, got the rest of our shopping done, and came back home.  Got in to the sound of a ringing phone--it was some friends of ours, reminding me that I'd said I'd babysit last night.

Shit.  I had plans. 

Oh, well, I could do that declutter cleaning I'd planned while the kids were down for naps.

Shit.  Odysseus needed a nap before work.  There went that plan.

Wandered into the kitchen, and found a new cookie recipe on the back of the bag of peanut butter chips, figured I had all of the ingredients, decided to make the cookies.  Started putting Sam's Club purchases away, and grabbed that new box of dishes to put in the dishwasher.

Shit. It's one set.  One bowl, mug, plate, and desert plate.  Now we have to go back for three more boxes.

Kids showed up.  I'd made Hamburger Helper, and had to bully the older kids (girl was eight, boy was six) into eating.  I could not get my two to eat.  And then, the girl insisted on "helping" me make cookies, and found my chocolate chips.  I told her she could have a few, then kept having to stop her from helping herself to seconds.

It would have gone much quicker had I not had help.

At least the cookies turned out relatively tasty.  Kind of heavy in the chocolate, and grainy in texture.   I think I'd be happier with them had they turned out more like the Cocoa Drop cookies--lighter, fluffier,  and smooth in texture. 

Shit.  That headache I'd fought with all day turned into sore throat and congestion.  Woke up this morning to a full-blown cold.


  1. Well, perhaps you have the Things Don't Go Smooth flaw, but at least you're a Big Damn Hero to make up for it. :)