Friday, April 6, 2012

Long, busy weekend coming up.

We had a new central air unit put in, today (replaced our old one).  The guy in charge (co-owner of the small outfit selling the unit and doing the work) was incredibly pleased that we cut them a check for the full amount owed before he left.  The two younger guys he had doing the real grunt work were incredibly pleased with the pieces of chocolate cake (made fresh last night) I sent with them--possibly more than if we'd given them cash tips.

With that going on, I had Odysseus run the imp up to my mother's for the day.  Much fun was had by all up there, and the pixie had a lot of fun charming the guys installing the new AC unit.  She was very good about staying out of the way, and very talkative.

I still need to vacuum in the hall where they were working.  The carpet is gray.  It's supposed to be kind of a cream/sand color, but it's a medium gray in front of the furnace/AC closet. 

I picked up papers, today.  I'll have to get those graded before Wednesday, and I'll need to grade blogs sometime within that time frame.  I could tell, even as I collected papers, that one of the ones who's done piss-poor work all semester has totally failed yet again--his paper doesn't even come within shouting distance of being remotely related to the type of paper they were supposed to write, and I doubt he'll be turning in any revisions any time soon. 

We've got set up for all of us to go visit my mom on Sunday.  My sister had her big 30 last Wednesday, and we'll be celebrating that up there. 

I think I'll head for bed.  I'll try to post a couple of things over the weekend, but I make no promises.  If I don't make it...have a good one.


  1. Recently we had our old unit changed too. Ouch. They were awful proud of their five ton units.
    How in the heck to you give a grade for a blog? Have a nice Easter, Sweet One.

    1. We upgraded from a 2.5 ton unit to a 3 ton. The small unit was too small, and we couldn't open the blinds when it got over 90 outside, and even then, it wouldn't keep up past 95. Last summer sucked--I couldn't even use my stovetop without it getting up to 84 inside (with the thermostat set for 76).

      My Comp I class is supposed to write three 300 word posts, two of them summary/response types where 100 words summarize a news story, and the rest comments on/responds to it. Each post is worth 5 points (with points deducted for too short of posts, or no link, or wrong kind of link), and 5 points for commenting on two classmates' blogs.

      Comp II writes two 500 word posts--one persuasive with three linked supporting sources. Each post is worth 8 points, with points deducted for the same reason as 101. Four points for commenting on each others' posts.

      It's a lot more time consuming than difficult. I've got something like 17 students in my Comp I class, and 21 in my comp II class. Takes me about four hours to grade blogs every week. I'm just combining that with grading papers this weekend, which is going to suck down all of my time.

      I hope you have a blessed Easter, too, Stephen. Give Little Bit a good squeeze for me the next time you see her.

    2. We get a bunch of 90+ days thru out the summer.....

      I never use the air conditioner.....

  2. We have two small children who could easily be made ill by getting too hot. Many of our windows don't open (that's on the list of home maintenance--the bedroom windows are included in that "don't open" category, and that scares the bat-snot out of me). Two of the bedrooms need ceiling fans, and the kitchen needs a new one. And we're in a part of the country where 90+ days are more common than cooler days, and we usually have a week or two of 100+ days. Last year, we had a month and a half of 100+ days, and couldn't keep it below 81 in the house, despite having a window unit in one of the two windows that opens supporting the central you know how hard it is to keep your family fed when you can't cook, and can't afford to go out to eat where it's cool?

    The new unit should make this summer far more pleasant.