Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Best cup of coffee?

I have to say Starbucks' CEO hit that nail right on the head--the best cup of coffee I've ever had?  Yeah, I made that with freshly ground beans (as in, immediately before I made it), in the French press Odysseus got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. 


Have you ever tried to clean one up?


  1. Best cup of coffee? The first one. I don't care if it's instant, hand it over and nobody gets hurt.

  2. There's another good reason my French press only gets pulled out for a treat: you have to wait for the water to boil, then it takes about four minutes to make the coffee.

    With my new coffeemaker, I put the beans in the grinder hopper the night before, fill the reservoir, and set the program timer for when the kids usually get up. By the time I'm done changing diapers and feeding the little one, all I have to do is fill my cup.


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