Monday, April 30, 2012


A gay couple in England are throwing a hissy over their two children by IVF being different races.  They swear that they're just concerned for the well-being of their children, but...if this was a straight, white couple, that couple would be raked over the coals as racists.

I'm wondering if leftists hold gay couples to the same standards as whites, or if they'll be held to the same standards as minorities.  Is their whining racist, or can they be racist, as oppressed minorities?

Last of all, who really cares?  They've got two healthy children, which is two children more than nature would give them.


  1. They're fucking racists. "A nightmare that will last forever" because their children don't share the same race. That's absolutely disgusting. The nightmare will be faced by the child because his parents hate him.

  2. "They've got two healthy children."

    THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH. (I know too many people who have battled infertility)

    Yes, I think it's racist for them to be upset by this.

    1. I'd say the same for anybody. And there are some who nature has given more generously than they deserve--a good friend's stepdaughter, for example, has five children under the age of seven, and is a complete and total waste of space as a human being, and a terrible parent, while another good friend who is an excellent mother had two miscarriages before finally having a healthy baby.

      It's nothing against gay couples who want kids, nor against those who can't have kids without help. Nature isn't always "fair." Technology is a good equalizer.

    2. Oops...

      Whether we like it or not the world is full of racism, open or hiding in a closet.

      Question: Who is more likely to have social 'problems' with their future family life? A mixed racial family or a same race family?

      “The damage to the [younger] child in the future, to both the siblings and the family unit could be quite catastrophic,” said Caron Heyes, the couple’s lawyer."

      This is not a fertility issue...somebody fucked up!

      Can you image a black family with 1 white child?

      Get real!

    3. I'm not racist, OCM--I'm bigoted against idiots. That means I dislike something like 90% of the population, at minimum.