Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random ramblings

Odysseus didn't get home until midnight, last night.  He said it was absolutely insanely busy--he ran fourteen pizza deliveries in his six hour shift, which means he didn't get the other stuff he's supposed to do done and get home until two hours after his shift ended.

Needless to say, since I can't get to sleep until after he gets home, I had a later night than I should have had, especially with the imp coming and knocking on the door at seven in the morning, this morning. 

And, can anyone explain to me exactly why it is that there is nothing on for the preschool age group at seven in the morning on Saturdays???  Do the fucktards programming what's on when on television really think that that age group sleeps  in when they're not being shuttled to daycare by working mothers?  Yeah, no. 

Last night, we had a culmination of the imp's obsession with putting little things through little holes.  He's put pieces of dry cereal through the vent registers, rocks and dirt in my coffee through the small drinking opening in the travel mug lid, and now, he slid small, straight pieces of hard plastic, and a couple of washers through the top of his sister's air filter that we use for white noise in her room.  I found out because she came out crying, and saying "Imp boke it!  Made mess and boke it!"  I followed her back in, and he'd pulled the front off of the thing, exposing the really filthy filter (scattering dirt and dust bunnies everywhere and making a mess), and the fan was sounding like it was about on its last legs.  I'm not sure if it's still safe. 

Yeah...if he keeps doing that, every time I catch him at it, I'm going to take another toy.  If that doesn't work, he's going to get a spank.  If that doesn't work, he's going to have to put his nose in the corner (and yes, that's probably the worst thing we could do to him--he's claustrophobic). 

Also, last night, the pixie did something incredibly cute: yesterday, she spent about half an hour in her high chair (insisted on it--she wanted pizza, and she can't chew it if I microwave it) watching me clean the kitchen up.  I ended up using the broom to pull mess out from under the table.  So, when I went in to fix supper (Smackinoff), she followed me, grabbed my broom, which is bigger than she is, and started trying to sweep, chanting "Clean up mess.  Clean up mess.  Clean up mess."  I traded her my long handled whisk broom for that one, since it's more her size, and she gave me the big broom.  And started sweeping again.  Then looks at me and says, "You use dat broom, clean up mess." 

I don't know what's going on.  First, she decides to pretend to cook.  Now, she's pretending to clean.  I don't know where she's getting it.

She had a blast playing with the puppy, yesterday.  I haven't seen her playing with that dog that happily...ever.  Pixie's still a little afraid of her, but really enjoys throwing a ball for her (though, the pup has an imperfect idea of how to play fetch--she does bring the ball back, but never to the person who threw it).  I wish I could post sound clips so y'all could hear the giggles when the pup ran over the kittens in the process of running laps around the coffee table. 

I'd say the pup has reached about three-fourths of her adult size.  Cricket is still taller at the shoulder.  I think when she reaches her full growth, she'll be taller than the dog, and very nearly as heavy.  Shadow, on the other hand, is slowing down a little bit in her growth.  She's probably going to end up a normal sized cat, where Cricket is going to be on the extra large size.

This past week, I've had about a half a dozen students drop the course.  I've got about a half a dozen more that need to, for their own sake, and two or three more that I'd like to see drop for my own sanity's sake. 

Writing is going pretty well.  I managed half of what I'd hoped for in volume of writing done. 

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