Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who's the lazy mama?

I read a comment on another blog about breastfeeding.  The woman who made the comment said that she was lazy, she bottle fed her baby.  Her husband was capable of feeding the baby with a bottle.

Yeah, but...you have to sterilize bottles, boil and cool water for the formula, and warm it to exactly the right temperature.  You have to deal with how little ones don't digest the formula as comfortably or well, and develop awful colic and sometimes constipation from an overload of iron in the formula. 

Breastfeeding is what lazy moms do: it's always pre-mixed, the right temperature, right on tap, with no sterilization needed.  My son developed a severe intolerance to the formula (human breast milk enhancer, they called it) they added to the milk I pumped for him while he was in the hospital--I think it made his acid reflux a lot worse than it otherwise would have been, and slowed his weight gain until they took him off of it. 

Best of all, you can do it anywhere, with little to no prior notice from the baby.  If you're modest, just drape a blanket over the baby's head.  (I have never been modest, and it's funny to watch other people's reactions.)

Breastfeeding also only takes one hand.  One hand and arm to hold the baby, and I had the other to read, surf the 'net, or grade papers and stuff.  Bottle feeding takes both hands, because until the babies are several months old, they aren't coordinated enough to hold their own bottle.

So, yeah.  Lazy moms breastfeed.  Moms who don't think things through choose to bottle feed. 

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