Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Long day.

Nothing screws up a day worse than having to put the pixie's elbow back.  Unless it's that, then the imp slipping on the bathroom floor because he's throwing a fit about having to get out of the tub, and smacking his face on the toilet seat and ending up on his back on the floor where he slipped.  Or maybe all that, the grading part of the online platform malfunctioning (again), and my hands hurting from the shift in weather. 

Good night, y'all.  I'm going to have a nice, double bourbon, then head for bed.  I'm beat. 


  1. Look here: http://www.cooks.com/rec/doc/0,1710,158190-253192,00.html

    Goes well with bourbon...or Scotch. Tee hee! Been there already!

    As for your students, think back on Uncle Al Einstein and his comment that "The only thing more abundant than hydrogen in the universe is human stupidity."

    Sigh! I think he is right!


    1. Thanks for the recipe. It looks pretty similar to my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe, but for the suggestion of using sour cream. My recipe calls for 2 T of milk.