Sunday, March 17, 2013

Needs and wants on a national level

I covered an individual's basic needs, recently, as opposed to what they might want.  I guess it's time to do that for a nation.

What does a nation need?  Security.  Sovereignty.  Solvency. 

Let's start with security.  The United States mostly has it.  We are separated by geography from the nastiest of our enemies.  About the only thing missing from our security concerns is secure, impenetrable borders.  On both the southern border with Mexico, and the northern border with Canada.  Before we do anything about legal immigration reform, we need to actually do something about the fucking border jumpers running drugs out of Mexico, and money and guns back in.  We need to do something about the border jumpers fleeing Canadian socialized medicine.

Oh, wait.  We already did.  Somebody needs to point out that medical tourism will be better if they go to places like Costa Rica, now.

Other than that, we need to hit the fucking Islamofascists hard enough that they won't dare to try to touch us again.  Turning Iran into a smoking crater that glows in the dark is a good start.

Then, we need to develop our own oil reserves to ensure that our national security is never compromised again. 

Next: sovereignty.  Start with booting the U.N.  Withdraw our membership (and the illusion of legitimacy) from them, and evict them from the nation.  Stop looking to European law for precedents for our own citizens--we are not Eurozone subjects and serfs. 

Last, but not least: solvency.  Stop funneling money to foreign dictators and charities that do nothing but enable a nation to remain in barbarism.  Stop funneling money to the leeches that do nothing but sit on their fucking asses and breed in the United States.  Stop funneling money to the corporate farms, and to big businesses that would be able to become solvent if they could use bankruptcy leverage to break the union stranglehold on their finances (*cough*GMC/Chevy*cough*). 

And cut this abortion of a law that's going to be driving us further into a pit of debt and driving the costs and prices of healthcare out of the reach of the average, responsible American. 

Stop fucking printing money.  That doesn't mean we have more, it means what we have is worth less. 

If we actually stop spending money that's not Constitutionally justified and permitted, we could pay our debts off, and start saving for the next disaster.

Our needs, as a nation, are simple.  Welfare/food stamps/Obamacare and Foreign Aid are not needs.  They are wants--luxuries to make the political elites feel better about the country they hate.  A political elite that would prefer to be European aristocracy.

Actually, that reminds me: we, as a nation, also need to fire every politician, then pass a law that ensures that anyone who seeks political power is forever denied it.

Otherwise, nothing will ever change.


  1. Speaking of Eurotrash aristowannabees, HH, I find this _most_ cheering:

    1. I'm gonna have to wait until my kids go to bed to watch that...


  2. Holly for President!!!!

    You got my vote.


    1. Winston, take it from her husband. My dear wife would make a terrible President, though she would make an excellent dictator/tyrant(in the sense of breaking every part of the Constitution in order to restore it).

      Those millions of bullets the government has purchased would likely be used if you take my drift.

    2. Nah...there's only what, 535 in the House and Senate? and nine on the Supreme Court? a few thousand in Hollywood, and a few hundred thousand teaching college? a few thousand shitty, political officers in all of the branches combined?

      Wait...those numbers are adding up...y'know, I there might be clean nukes used, too. Saves on time, bullets, and probably money. And sets an example for our enemies: "If that crazy bitch will do that to her own people, what will she do to us?"

    3. Use those nukes on the Big S*itties that ultimately erected the Golfer in Chief and Mooch.

      I would take my chances here.

      Odysseus, I have often commented "Make me Dictator for a day." Again, I'd take that chance. And as for breaking all to preserve it, is that not what Uncle Abe did in the 1860's???

      Meanwhile, excuse me while I go ROTFLMHO.


    4. Agreed, and it would take a lot longer than a day to fix the problems, especially when the biggest parts of the problem have tendencies to run and hide.

      Glad we could make you laugh.