Sunday, March 17, 2013

Goals, last week's and this week's.

Last week, I set few goals: survive to Spring Break (done, with sanity mostly intact); figure out what's going on with my class (not done, but the problem has resolved itself and I can grade stuff again, if I feel like doing the work first); and try to finish the revision of Pendragon (not done, but I should be able to get that done this week).

This week, I can set a few more goals, since I don't have grading to worry about for the next two weeks.  However, these are the goals for both of those weeks.

1. Finish Pendragon, and send to not-too-busy-to-breathe beta-reader.

2. Finish revising the short I wrote last week, and decide what to do with it (post or use--then again, I might do both, as a kind of teaser for the book). 

3. Write as much on the first draft of Lost Girls as I can get done.

4.  Put the revised textbook for Composition I together, and start working on the one for Composition II for the classroom (which I'll probably need for Spring '14).   

5. Pack breakable dishes. 

6. Unload the rest of the cabinets.

7.  Plot the next Modern Gods book. 

Honestly, it's going to be nice, not thinking about class and students for a week, and doing nothing more than answering questions for another week. 

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