Saturday, March 2, 2013 am I doing?

Last weeks goals were

1. Living room.  The living room desperately needs some attention.  I need to pull the couch out a bit and fish out the toys and clothes and trash that the kids have been dropping back there.  I also need to rearrange a few things that we put behind a fence around the TV and DVDs to keep the kids from messing with them as much.

2. Keep up with grading.

3. Keep appointment to get the kitchen redone.

4. Rewrite The Last Pendragon, and write on the other stories I've got going.

5. Rewrite the Comp I textbook for classroom use. 
Let's start with the first items: I did get the living room mostly cleaned up.  Odysseus actually hauled all of the stuff out from behind the couch (including a ton of toys too young and clothes too small for the kids).  The kids picked up most of their toys, I got the clothes they'd drug in from the bathroom and their bedrooms, and Odysseus vacuumed.  I didn't get the stuff around the television cleared, but that can wait a bit.

Item two: grading.  I kept up, for the most part.  I fell behind today, and will be busting my ass to get it all done tomorrow.  I need to announce that midterm grades will be turned in, and that current grades are what's going to be turned in--did I miss anyone's revision of their "micro essay"?

Item three: done.  We'll be going in Monday to finalize the order and get the hardware.  And then, we'll have about a month or so to get all of my cabinets unloaded, and either tear them out ourselves, or find someone to do the tear out and haul away.

 Item four: working.  I'm still about a third of the way through Pendragon--I keep coming up with things I should have done to begin with (and the character castigating herself for neglecting something very important in her camping supplies is only the beginning, TinCan Assassin).  I realized that, with few exceptions, I didn't really provide much in the way of physical description.  Especially not of the main character.  Granted, it is first person, but...

The other story I'm in the midst of writing is going okay.  The more I get to know the character, the easier it is to tell her story.

Item five: I'm copying stuff from my current textbook, but I'm going to need to rearrange a lot, and add a lot of background information that my students are going to need.  I'm going to try to figure out a way to leave the blogging assignment in...

I think I did okay in filling my goals last week.  Here's hoping I do okay next week, too.