Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Criminal masterminds, cont'd.

7.  Never, ever try to rob a place that's been robbed repeatedly within a three month period, and especially not in a Castle Doctrine state that has extended the "castle" to mean a business as well.  The business owner will be pissed off, waiting, and will shoot your stupid ass, probably more than once.


  1. Bought a new homestead for the two of us. STILL in process of moving and it seems endless. Food fortune smiled about neighbors and we all look out for each other. One is a cop, one is Iraq veteran, another survived husband's untimely passing, and us.

    Got home this morning, neighbor visited to warn me house a few doors up the street burgled. Now ALL the neighbors are stay at home and carrying heat.

    Never seems to stop the stupid though! Your posts seem so timely here! I may be deaf as hell, but my dog can hear a mouse fart at a half mile. And he alerts easily!


    1. Glad to hear you've got good neighbors. I've got a few college kids across the road that I keep an eye out for (and feed when things get tight over there), and a sweet great-grandmother of a lady right next door to me. Our new neighbors on the other side haven't really shown what kind of neighbors they're going to be yet, but I'm hopeful.