Friday, March 1, 2013

Long day, lots done.

The new hose for my vacuum finally came, two days ago.  I got it put on yesterday...and found that the living room was in far too big of a mess to be able to use it.  And, having had five and a half hours of sleep, I was in no shape to do anything about it.

I got a full eight hours, last night.  And this morning, after Odysseus got up, too, I got the kitchen clean while he chivvied the kids into picking their toys up and putting them in the shelves or in their rooms.  And then picked up the dirty clothes they'd dragged in, and the bits of torn paper and other detritus that both the kids and the cats had scattered everywhere. 

I had a reason for all of this.  The pup.  With the vaccum out of commission, and the kids dropping so many crumbs (and so many of them chocolate), I have had no way to get the floor clean enough for her to safely romp and play in the living room.  Most of the winter, that's not been a problem--it's been warm enough to take her out to her pen, which she loves.  Right now, though, it's wet, muddy, snowy, and cold enough to freeze the pee to the puppy, if she's got her rear to the wind when she's doing her business.

So, after I got the kitchen clean (dirty dishes are all in the dishwasher), and Odysseus got the living room and hall vacuumed, I gave the pup a bath in the sink.  She didn't seem to mind too much, until we went to wash her tail--even seemed to enjoy it, kind of leaning into the scrubbing with funny little sighs and grunts.  She seemed to like the warm water, too.

And then...once we'd gotten her as dry as we could with a towel...we turned her loose.  She spent about two hours running laps at top speed around the coffee table.  She also laid down on the floor and wriggled herself up and down the length of the couch to further dry herself, several times.

She had a blast.  The kids had a blast.  It was a fun, if tiring, day for all.


  1. Ah. Great! Glad I am not looking at mid-terms this year.

    1. I'm glad, too. I'll have to enter midterm grades this coming week, but there's no big, huge test, or big, huge assignments that I'll have to grade...just the piddly little busy work bullshit that the course designer thought was an excellent idea.

  2. Sounds like more fun than not. I have an English Shepherd dog. Mr. Fastidious does not like to get in deeper than his toes. But he just had his sixth birthday and has resigned himself to when Dad says get in the tub, he just has to do it. Lucky pup gets to take a bath with Mom and when it is over the run, rub, shake insanity goes on for long enough to get me giggling pretty hard.


    1. It was a lot of fun, but trying to control the chaos that ensued (especially to try to get the kids down for naps) wasn't.