Saturday, March 2, 2013

Been a busy day.

I started writing the earlier, Random Ramblings, post just after I got up at seven.  Every so often, I'd have to break up a squabble between the kids, or remind one or the other to keep eating breakfast, if they wanted to go to Grandma's house today. 

We finally managed to get everything together and get out...but I didn't get to finish my post.  Everything picked up way too fast for my poor, tired brain, this morning.  So, I finished it as best I could after we got home.

The imp is spending the night, as he often does.  He really enjoys that.  They enjoy it more

We got home around four or so, and I walked the puppy.  The pixie comes up and leans over the arm of my chair and says, "I hungy.  I want corn."  I put her off with a piece of cheese, because it was only four in the afternoon.  And we had things to do.  She was happy, though--those things?  Yeah, we had to go to Sam's Club.  Odysseus's computer monitor abruptly gave up the ghost last night.  Wouldn't even give the little boot message when the power button was poked.  We needed to get him a new one, and the best one for the best price* was at Sam's Club.

And then, we went to The Fry Place--the kids' favorite restaurant (and Mommy and Daddy's, too--it's a spectacularly good barbecue chain, with excellent music).  Where the pixie got an order of fries, and promptly stole the dill pickle spear off of Daddy's plate, and the grilled corn on the cob off of Mommy's.

I got maybe a third of that six inch ear of corn.  She ate the rest.  

*Three or four years ago, we got an off-brand 20" LCD monitor for about $120 on sale, after an in-store $30 rebate.  The one we just got is a Dell 23" monitor, for the same, pre-rebate cost. 

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