Sunday, March 3, 2013

Goals for the week

Got a lot accomplished last week.  I've got a lot more to do this week.  And for the next few weeks.

1. I need to get all of the cabinets unloaded over the next few weeks, and the stuff in them stored in the back room.  For that, we need to get a couple more shelving units and get them set up in the laundry area. 

2. I still need to make sure I don't fall behind in grading.  That's going to be too easy to do in the next several weeks. 

3.  I need to finish grabbing the still-useful stuff from my old textbook for my new one, and I need to start writing the filler parts.  I still think that the blogging is an important assignment, so I guess I need to go in and talk to the distance learning platform techies about how to set up the blog function for the students to use.  I also need to rewrite the assignment to fit a classroom class.

4. I need to finish my revisions to The Last Pendragon, and get them typed up.  I should be able to get that done within the next two weeks.  Still aiming at a mid-April publication date.

5. I need to finish a first draft of Lost Girls, so that I can get it to my beta readers.  For the next week, though, I just want to manage two or three chapters written. 

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