Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh, bugger off.

I am so fucking sick of the feminists that I could spit.  They're nasty, horrible people who cannot seem to understand that there are places women are not suited to go.  Combat is one place.  Clergy is another. 

Why?  Simple.  Women are on average weaker, physically and mentally, than men are.  Women cannot carry as heavy of a pack as a man, nor march as far as he can with it on.  And it's a fucking awful idea to try to force a woman's teammates to pick up the slack that she leaves through inability. 

Women think with their hearts.  And tug at those heartstrings hard enough and long enough, and suddenly, a really shitty idea is an awesome one.  Yes, compassion should be involved in many decisions, but so should rationality--something that most women lack any hint of. 

The choice of a pope is one that needs, desperately needs, rationality to be applied. 

That means, despite the snits and temper tantrums, women need not apply.


  1. My wife has pointed out that entrusting a woman with the seal of the confessional would be an abysmally stupid idea.

    1. Considering that I don't know more than maybe one that can keep their damn mouths shut, yeah, it would be stupid. Not to mention the way most women will use things told in confidence in public fights.

  2. Replies
    1. Thinking about it, but not at the moment.